Sindoor is a symbol of matrimony and never to be applied on widows or unmarried woman. It si red powder which is applied as a sreak between the parting of a female’s hairs. Sindoor is applied by the bride’s husband at the day of her wedding and later on it bacome a ritual to apply the sindoor in their daily routine.


 Sindoor was originated around 5000 years ago when seeds of tradition and culture were sown by Hinduism in India and around. During the Harappan civilization it was discovered that sindoor is a prominent mark of being married and it can be applied only in the middle partition of a married woman’s hair.


The tradition of applying sindoor on the forehead is from ancient times and it is still followed today because it is considered that the women who apply sindoor have the desire for their husband’s prosperity & long life. It is also believed that sindoor is a sign of her devotion and never dying love towards her husband.


In various Indian movies many actresses have been shown with utmost courage and power due to the sindoor which had marked on the forehead of the female character. The glory of this symbol is upheld by the Indian cinema in various movies which are even titled with the name Sindoor, Sindoor tere naam ka and many more.

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