Kundan Art Work

Kundan Art Work

History and origination

Kundan refers to the stones which is embedded in the jewellery with different shapes, size and colour to make it attractive and sparkling. Initially the kundan work is migrated from delhi to rajasthan. There are many jewellers who has the specialization in kundan work by giving an unique and distinct pattern which can suit the latest trends. Kundan work is not only unique but also very traditional whose art can not deny the admiration. It is very popularly liked by  the younger generation for its good sense of glistening and gleaming experience.

Work process

Specialized person carry out the specific task which they can do effectively and efficiently.

The specialization of work includes the people like chiterias, ghaarias, enameller, jadiyas, etc. Where Chiterias provide the basic design. The engraving process is carried out by Ghaarias. After this, the meenakari work is done by enameller  and finally the stone setting work is done by Jadiyas.

Occasional dressing

Dresses with kundan work often form a part of bridal looks at weddings where kundan forms an essential part of the embellishments. These dresses can be carried on both, formal and informal occasions.

The embroidery on fabrics using the kundan stones is noted for its richness and beauty  which cant be virtually matched with anything else.

Kundan work is facilitated by everyone in the present time from dawn-to-dark. We at Bridaal Royal offers you a good quality characterized with an affordable range of kundan work bridal lehengas


It is an art which is not only applied on jewellaries but also in traditional wears. Usually kundan embroidery are done on silk sarees but our latest designers embellish this kundan work in a delicate manner even in the chiffon and georgette fabrics.

Nowadays, variety of traditional dresses are available in the market including gowns, traditional lehengas, designer sarees, etc. in which kundan work is embroidered. Other than this kundan work is also embellished in the footwears to increase the spark in the looks of woman.

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