Interesting Ideas To Quirk Up Your Haldi Ceremony!

Interesting Ideas To Quirk Up Your Haldi Ceremony!

Haldi is one of the craziest ceremony among all the wedding ceremonies to keep the memories for long-life then, don’t forgot to click some photographs that can speak your happiness and it can be memorable if you click some of the photographs and keep them for lifetime. we have some excited and fascinated¬† ideas which can beautify your candids


  • The cutest capture with your parents

During your haldi ceremony you can take candid shots with mom & dad standing together at the back or standing separately at your left and right side. This can be the happiest feeling for you and for your parents too.

  • Haldi with flowers petals-

Gone are the days when haldi ceremonies only involves putting haldi paste on both bride and groom. Nowadays this function is celebrated differently. One idea by which your function’s delicacy can be increased, is by involving countless flower petals. These flower petals can be poured on the bride and the photo can be captured at the same time.

  • Plan a dress code

Just plan a dress code for your haldi ceremony. Whatever the dress code may be, if the color code is yellow, than it will definitely increase spark in your haldi ceremony. Imagine everyone wearing yellow dresses in the function.

  • A color coordinated groupfie

you can take the groupies with the multiple members present at the time of your haldi ceremony of the family to cherish your haldi memories in future. The groupies indicates the happy emotions of the individuals which are captured.

  • All the haldi hands in the air-

One shot can be captured by putting all the hand’s up in the air to show the heights of happiness. There should be a smile on your face at the time of shot capturing, which proves that your haldi function is fun-filled instead of those boring old days function.

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