Hindu Wedding Rituals- Vidai or Doli

Hindu Wedding Rituals- Vidai or Doli


Vidai is one of the most nostalgic and emotional fit of temper for every marriage family across the world. It is a wedding ritual where the bride has to leave her maternal home and set up her new life as a daughter-in-law and wife, which marks the end of bride’s life as a daughter.


Long time back, the brides were given to the prince or kings to far off lands to make an agreement or contract between two kingdoms.  From here the initiation of the word ‘vidaai’ ceremony took place.


 It is a belief of Indians that every girl is someone else’s wealth who sooner or later belongs to someone special and given to him ardently at the marriage.

She is generally dressed in bridal wear during the ritual of phere and kanyadan. After taking all the blessings of her family members she move ahead leaving her maternal house with her husband surrounded by her father, uncles, brothers and other relatives. While leaving her home, the bride spatters a handful of wheat and rice, which exemplifies that she is spreading prosperity and happiness in all the corners of the house. On the completion of this ritual, she leads to the groom’s vehicle to reach her new home.



The brides prefer to wear wedding lehenga in most of the rituals but sometimes it is proved as a heavy attire and is difficult to carry it during the ceremonies. So, nowadays brides wear something, which is comfortable and alluring at the same time. Hence, the bride has lot of choices which are fascinating and attractive at the same time. She can wear a heavy embroidery embellished saree, which is perhaps the best addendum of a wedding lehenga. Therefore, a bride can be enrobed in banarasi lehenga or net lehenga. Now-a-days women pay a lot of attention to the design, contrast and work  of the blouse. Among these, choli, backless, quarter sleeved blouses are extremely popular.

Other than saree, anarkali suits are mostly preferred because they are very comfortable and appropriate option as after vidai, brides had to travel to the long distances to reach her new house and also she have to participate in many ceremonies at the new house. The anarkali suits can be well embellished with heavy embroidery work. So, keeping the comfortability in mind she can be donned in heavy embroidered anarkali suit with lace or hand work at the bottom, neck, and sleeves.

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