Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day


A mother is the female parent of a child. Women can be considered as mothers because they have  a virtue of giving birth and raising their child.

Just think what are the little things or big things which has been done by your mother for you. These small/big things actually make the bigger changes in your life. Your life is shaped up because of your mother’s love, affection & care.


Woodrow wilson signed a proclamation in 1914, where he designated mother’s day to honor the mothers on second Sunday in may.

Thereafter, it was established officially by Anna Jarvis. It was celebrated in Grafton at St. Andrew’s Methodist church on 10th  may, 1908.


Mothers are the backbone of the family who are demonstrative about the feelings of the whole family. A holding place is being provided by her for everyone’s feelings.  Mothers teach us how to become a functioning adult. So, every mother has an important role in their childrens life.

Only once in a year comes her day. Make it special for her. There is something above  words which you can apprise to that person who helped you with everything and made you whatever you are today.

We all respect and love our mother. So let’s celebrate her day.  Let’s plan something big for her. Here, we are expressing some ways & gift ideas by which you can make your mumma’s day special.



  • Make her feel special by expressing your love to her.
  • Plan a lunch/dinner for her.
  • If you are at home, than cook for her.
  • Give her a handmade card and say her how much you love her.
  • Gift her with the personalized cushion, coffe mugs, mobile phone covers or any other thing in which your mother’s picture is engraved.

every woman loves  ethnicity and so the ethnic wears. Want to gift your mother the ethnic dresses, than we’ll help you decrease your dilemma! Gift your mother a traditional dress and make her feel special.

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