Fresh new lehenga styles

Fresh new lehenga styles

Forget the old boring styles of wearing a lehenga! We brought the new lehenga styles for you.

  • The pakistani drape

Lately, Pakistani fashion is doing wonders around the town. There are many ways to charm your attire in Pakistani fashion. One among those is you can wear a lehenga at the low waist and can pin your dupatta on one shoulder wrapping it around the other hand from the back.

  • Side pinned open dupatta look

This type of dupatta draping style is suitable if you have to scamper throughout the venue. You have to just pin up your dupatta on one of your shoulder. There will not be any fuss. By draping dupatta in this style you can twirl, dance and do everything you planned.

  • The waist band dupatta drape look

It is among the latest trend of carrying a bridal outfit, especially lehenga as the brides look gorgeous in it. In case, you don’t have the custom waistband than you can just buy any regular waistbands which are quite inexpensive.

  • Holding dupatta from the back on both hands

Gone were the days when brides were not the fashion forward. Nowadays ample of dupatta draping styles are in trend which adds stars to the looks of the brides. Holding dupatta from the back on both hands is hassle free and it also showcase the curves beautifully

  • Belt it up of the waist

You can try experimenting this unique fashion trend if you are attending a wedding and not the bride yourself. Just wear your dupatta the normal way by adding a fancy belt which can complement your outfit. This style can best suit you because it will focus the attention to you waist and will look thinner.

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