Ethnic Indian kurtis style

Ethnic Indian kurtis style

kurtis can be made adaptable with various styles like medium length kurti, floor length kurtis or short kurtis. They can also be varied with the fabric & embroidery as well. therefore, the elaborated patterns, appealing shades, various hues, exclusive designs blended with Indian as well as western styles. There are many ways how you can pair them up which we are going to elaborate in this post.

  1. regular style kurti- this is very common style of kurti which are easily available in the market. these type of kurtis can be generally paired with skinny jeans, treggings, contast leggings or jeggings. Nowadays, floral printed long kurtis are in trend.

  1. short kurti- If you want to wear something casual, then you can opt for short kurtis which looks identical to tops and tunics. These kurtis has a blend of indo-western touch in them. Thus they can be paired with colored pants, jeggings or salwars as well.

  1. high-low kurti– just like our high-low dress, kurtis are in great fashion. these type of kurtis consist of shorter front hem as compared to the back. this kurti-style adds enough elegance and grace to your loks and are best paired with ankle-length treggings, skinny jeans and jeggings.

  1. Trail cut kurti- This trend is among one of the newest trend having C-cuts on both the sides with a flattering material like chiffon, georgette, silk, etc. these kurtis can be carried with comfort in monsoon and summers.
  2. Anarkali kurti- These are the long kurtis with flared hem of knee-length or calf-length. Anarkali kurtis can be a perfect choice for hourglass, pear, rectangle or apple body shape. You can accessorize yourself with different accessories and go in perfect ethnic Indian style. Pair it with bindi and bangles to enhance and beautify your looks.

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