Bollywood inspired lehenga styles

Bollywood inspired lehenga styles

Lehenga is basically a form of long, embroidered and pleated skirt from Indian culture. It is worn down the choli and hitched at the waist. India having a vast variety of choice, leading the handicrafts to make different embroidery, designs on the lehengas. Some of the popular lehenga designs are-

circular/flared lehenga

it is one of the traditional and oldest styles which had a flare at the bottom which adds extreme volume to your lehenga. Fabrics of these types of lehengas are chosen in such a way that the no. of pleats should be increased as much as we want.

Fish-tail lehenga

Emulating the mermaids, these lehengas are tight from the waist upto the knees and from the knees the flares are wide opened in the form of a fishtail. This type of lehenga can be worn by proper bodysuit to accentuate the body.

Panelled lehenga

These type of lehengas are consisits of vertical panels of fabrics attached with the flare of the lehenga. The volume of the flare is increased due to many panels in it which creates a slimming effect to your body. These types of lehengas are a worthy choice if you are attending any wedding instead of being a bride yourself.

Half saree lehenga

These types of lehengas are inspired by south Indian tradition. The look is enhanced by the way dupatta is draped around the lehenga. The fabrics that are commonly used in the lehengas are brocade, georgette, jacquard, new silk. The special feature of these lehengas is that they give an implicit saree look when draped with the dupatta to give a fashionable touch.

Straight cut lehenga

As indicated by the name, a straight cut lehenga has a straight skirt that flows on the downward body curves. This lehenga is very versatile choice, which goes well with almost all the body types. If you are going to carry this lehenga, than you needs to be very careful with the right inners. If you are having apple, hourglass or tall- body structure than just go ahead with your choice of wearing straight cut lehengas.

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